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Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2004

Today was shit, but I'm optimistic nonetheless. My guru was telling me that what helps her is looking at "Life After Adams" so that's what I'm trying. Mostly right now I'm trying to look at likfe after this semester. I feel like everything will go so much better if I can just get through this semester! Plus I'm going to start looking at Grad schools in London and see what I find. Next semester I'm going to try and get a second job. Nieve and I want to go to NYC for Spring Break and if we do that I need to stop spending (because I really am a shopaholic) and get a better cash flow. It'll probably help if I start taking my medication regularly. The BC will keep my hormones controlled enough and the Prozac will keep me from wanting to cry every moment of every day! Hurray not crying anymore!!!
I also need to get back to working out, because I'm beginning to have some trouble getting into some of my pants. (Eek!) So from this point on it's a strict diet and some decent exercise. I want to get back down to my comfortable size eight.
One of these days it's all going to come together! I'm going to stop hurting. I'm not going to have to hold back tears all the time. My eyes won't hurt like a bitch at the end of everyday and I'll wake up not wishing I wouldn't. God bless the miracle of Prozac!!
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