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Hearing: Black skirt with white and red plaid!
Wearing: Nothing yet
Feeling like: Now it's all that I can do, to see photographs of you!

Friday, Sept. 24, 2004

New template! Yea!!!Some people at school were getting crap for looking at the other one, so here's something a little less pornographic.
God bless Friday's! You have no idea how happy I am that it is indeed Friday! I'm starting to feel a little crappy and I've got a concert next Friday so my plan is to sleep as much as possible this weekend and relax. . . don't do it! Ha ha ha!
Anyhow, Nieve, Gail and I are having a girls night to night. Pedi's, mani's and facials! hurrah!! Can't wait!
I have to go and get my phone checked out this weekend. I put it on the charger last night but it didn't charge, maybe there's something vitally wrong with my phone and I'll have to get a new LG/Toughpoint VX 6000! Ohhhh! How I do love thee!!!!
The president is getting inaugurated today and Chamber is singing. Outside. In the frezzing cold. How unfair is that? And we had to dress up so I got to wear my new black skirt with the plaid! Yea!! I'm so sassy today! Nev said I looked British! Hurrah!!

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