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Thursday, Mar. 03, 2005

So let's talk about how much I fucked up last night. Really it was a lot. I'm pretty sure everything is completely fucked now! And it's all my fault. Why? Because I was scared, still am. Scared that if I let someone in again he's going to hurt me.

Last night on the phone he asked my what I was so afraid of. I've been asking myself and answering that question for the last seven months and last night I didn't have an answer other than "I just am" or "becasue you could hurt me". But I hurt him and now I feel like a fucker and I'm just going on and on and on about this. But I have to get it out, hence the reason I'm putting on here and not on MySpace. I really do care about him and I feel like such a shit for hurting hom so early.

So now, should I protect myself, stay safe and possibly miss something good or do I just go for it and take the risk. Last night he kept telling me to take a chance, take a fucking chance, so what should I do?

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