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Hearing: The office
Wearing: jeans, blue AE tee and a black hoddie
Feeling like: jumping off a cliff

Monday, Jan. 31, 2005

One of my friends called me and said that they had overheard Nieve saying that she really wanted to find someone to take my ticket to Ireland. So i called her and sent her a tex message to see if we could get thisngs figured out and she said we'd talk about it on Thursday. I guess Thursday is when we're getting together. I hope that works for me, thanks for checking. I have rehersal but it's only for like an hour. But that fucking hurts!
I talked to Gail on Friday and she said she thinks this is all one big miscommunication. This is what happened last time! You'd think we would learn! So I tried to nip it in the bud and talk to Nev as soon as I heard something that hurt me and she didn't seem to really want to fix it. I hate this, we did this once do we really have to do it again?
So then I couldn't sleep. So I did it all. Three lines, three drinks, three smokes. Then I slept like a baby!

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