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Thursday, Nov. 04, 2004

Girls night tonight, Chinese food and Richard Gere, it doesn't get much better than this! Ahh. . .
I don't know if I'll updated over the weekend or not because I'm going home. That's right home. Chamber is attending the Colligate Choral Festival at DU this weekend. We're leaving at 8:00 tomorrow (better than last year when we had to leave at 4:00, yeah, I know!) And R and I and I are staying for the weekend all at our respective houses. Horray for my family! I'm so excited to see them!
I don't normally post my poetry up because I feel that it's a really private part of my life (probably because it is, if you've ever read any of my poetry you should feel beyond special because I never let people read it!) but I really like this one and want to put it up! I would also like to thank Music History for being so boring that I was left with nothing to do but write!
* * *

After all this time a resolution has been made.
You will go one your way and I will go mine
Our friendship is timid and at times overly sweet
We laugh too hard, smile too much and you touch me with empy fingertips.
I have said goodbye to the you I used to know.
I let go of you and me, of us.

Now. . .
The sun shines through the lended of my sunglasses.
The leaves crackle under my feet.
The wind whips my hair around my face.
My shoes click smartly on the sidewalk. My scarf trails behind me like a train.
I stop to speak to you knowing I look good, and more importantly I feel good.
I know that I am no better than you, but no worse either.

Now. . .
I go though my day with a genuine smile.
I sleep a night without the tears and the cutting.
I am stronger.
I know who I am.
And I am happy.

* * *

So there you have it. And with that, I'm off for the day! i leave you with this thought I'm flying to Ireland for less than $700! And I'm going to New York for Spring Break. So now I say to you, in the wise words Eric Cartman "Who wants to touch me? I said who wants to FUCKIN' TOUCH ME?"

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