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Hearing: "Let it Out"; Hoobastank
Wearing: "The Hours" Michael Cunningham
Feeling like: I'm not afraid to let it out

Tuesday, Aug. 03, 2004

I went downtown with Alix today, we had a jolly good time walking around downtown and I got another pair of my favorite jeans, Gap long and leans, which look great with heels, might I add, I think that's the greatest look ever created.

Mom and I are going to dinner tonight, and to do a little shopping, she has to get a few things while we're out and I'm going to get a new duvet for my boudoir. I'm very stoked, the one I want is white with white stripes and then I want light blue sheets, very crisp and very sensual! Mmmmm. . .

Will gets back tomorrow! And I got a postcard today from the boys it reads as follows "Werd beeatch, Phantom's like a Motha' Aloha from Canada! We just wanted to day 'hi' and that we love you and miss you. The water is great and look at all the capitol stamps we got you. See you soon. Love, Will & Michael "Prince"

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