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Monday, Aug. 02, 2004

Hahahahaha, Ah hahahaha! That was damn funny, you all have no idea! Hoo! Anyhow.

I picked up my Michael yesterday and he was so happy! It really made me happy to see him so happy! He told me he bought Will a shirt that says "Get your Low-carb diet right here" With an arrow pointing downward!! hee hee! Annnnnd, Michael was supposed to pick up Will and his family but I'm going to surprise them and pick them up instead! God I love that boy, I really do. I missed him so much. I just hope he missed me as much!

I know he says he's just not ready for a relationship, but if he wasn't ready would he have kissed me that night? I feel like whenever I meet a guy that I think things could really work with the timing is always off! Honestly, I have feelings about him that I've never had for anyone else before. He's the only person, besides Conor, that I could see myself being with. I'm so comfortable with him, just as a person. My mom said we looked and acted like a couple. We're always on the same page, if you know what I mean. Like once we were talking about "Guys and Dolls" and we both burst into "Good old Reliable Nathan" at the same time, then we kept speaking together and finishing each other's sentences. Crazy stuff like that. One time he was talking about the kids he was going to have and I jokingly asked him who he was having these children with and he says "Well you of course." and I laughed and told him that I was on birth control so there would be none of that! And he joked that he'd switched out my BC for sugar pills. What college age boy jokes about that kind of thing. Things are just so different with him.

And now for something completely different: I never told you all that I have a new piercing! I got the rim of my ear pierced, right up next to my head! It's way sexy!!

That's about it for now; Molly and I are headed to the Rec Center tonight to help get her started on a work out regimen!

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