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Monday, Nov. 29, 2004

It's been a week *GASP* a whole week, I never go that long. Anyhow, here we go:
Tuesday night: got home and dyed Molly's hair and high lighted mine and Mom's. I rinsed Molly's and it was bright ass red. Like a freakin' fire truck, so she was not happy. I think her hair is just so fried from being dyed all the time that it sucked up all the color.
Wednesday: We went to a salon to get Molly's hair fixed and Mom and I both got trims. Okay so I didn't really trim, I more like hacked, but it's cute. Then I went to the doctor and asked for a new allergy medication because my old one isn't going to cover the dog at my new house. Got that fixed. Got everything else checked out, some medications tweaked, and was sent on my way, only after dropping sixty bucks on Rx, the copay, and gas to get home. Blech! Molly and I spent the rest of the afternoon playing Monopoly on the computer and she kicked my ass. It was horrible. I suck so hard at that game!
Thursday: I ate more Turkey and Sweet potatoes that any given three people should. Okay so I didn't eat that much, but it was still a lot! We had nine people at out house, the four of us, Grammy and Papa, Rhys and MaryJane and Rose. We ate, napped, ate some more, I took Rose home and slept some more!
Friday: I actually braved the malls and stores and did some Christmas shopping. I got Gail, Nieve, Sara, Sarah and Will done. I'm still working on Mom, Dad and Molly, but it's coming along pretty well!
Saturday: We set up the Christmas tree! YEA!!!! It looks so cute! I love Christmas. I went over to Old Navy to talk to Angie about coming back to work and about a couple Doctor appointments that I have over break we ended up having lunch at the Atlanta Bread Company (God, I love that place) and talking for almost a hour and a half.
Sunday: I came back to school. It took all the strength I had to come back. I just wanted to stay home, go back to work and not come back here. I have this sinking feeling something is going to go terribly wrong in the next three weeks. I know if it's already in the cards, there's nothing I can do about it. It's just nagging at me. Well, we'll see. I have actual work I should probably be doing! And we're off. . . but first:
You're Cady. (pronounce Katie) You are very smart
and very trusting. You want nothing more than
people to accept you and like you. And as a
result you happen to get caught up in a lot of
'mind games' You're very creative and funny.
And your job within the clique is comic releif.
Be Nice, and Watch Your Back!

What 'Mean' Girl from the movie 'Mean Girls' are you?
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I was bored shut up! I took a different one that said I was Regina, but I think it's broken, I was going to put that one up but I couldn't find it!

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