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Monday, Nov. 22, 2004

This was the most uneventful weekend I've had in a long time. Friday was the Jazz concert and we kicked ass, it was awesome! I was going to go out afterwards but I was so tried Crystal and I decided we'd get some Wendy's and watch "Mean Girls" instead.

Saturday I slept in and read for a while before I went to see the "Spongebob Squarepants" movie with Daniel from work. It was surprisingly good, I was really impressed! Then Saturday night I was supposed to go over to Eric and Mike's to watch the 3rd Matrix, we ended up playing Mario Kart for about an hour, then they decided they wanted to go out, and I really didn't want to so I went home. It was like ten, so I called Will to see if he wanted to watch a movie or something. I pretty much knew he'd say no or have something better to do, but I still called, yes, I know I'm a dumbass!

Sunday I went to Crystal's recital she kicked ass and then we went to dinner and to see "Bridget Jones". I called Michael to see what he was up to and we ended up arguing almost the entire time. He started bitching to me about Will and his lack of commitment to the show and he said that Will hasn't been to rehearsal in over two weeks. That made me really angry because it's not true! Why would he lie to me about that? I can't tell him that that's not true because then he'll launch into a "You don't trust me" speech and "friends are supposed to trust each other", well they're also not supposed to lie! So I called Will because I was frustrated and if Michael (or any of my friends) was telling someone shit like that I would want to know. I mean I talk about my friends, but nine times out of ten it's stuff I've said to the to their face. I was really upset and needed to vent, so I did! Yea!

I kind of wish that Will and I could be friends like we used to be. I know we can't be exactly like we used to be, but I miss talking to him and hanging out with him. Earlier he had said that he didn't think it was a good idea for us to hang out just the two of us. Honestly, what does he think I'm going to do? Try and seduce him? I'm not a complete idiot. I guess it's just a lost cause . . .

Three days left until I get to gorge myself on turkey, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie! Awww yeah! I'm going to eat until the cows come home (yes I'm from a little farming town so it works!)

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