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Thursday, Nov. 11, 2004

ARRRGH!!! Have you ever come across one of those people in life that think they know everything? Yeah, that would be Curtis, one of the guys I sing with in 68 West. He acts like he's the professor and tells everyone else what to do. He got on my case today because I asked him to play the pitch again and he was upset because he's the one who starts the piece and I shouldn't need to hear the pitch. I'm sorry, I like to get the key in my head before we start so that I know that I'm going to come in on the right note. Is it wrong of me to take some personal responsibility for the benifit of the ensemble? I didn't think so! Then he got all bitchy towarsds the end of class about having to blow the pitch twice and looked right at me. It is not my fault if he doesn't play it loud enough and the people next to me are talking to that I can't hear! Ridiculous! Our prof. is gone on Tuesday and if Curtis tries to take over it's going to be a WWE smackdown, I tell you what!
On a happier note (get it? Note? HA!) Gail, Stuby and I went out last night and had a grand ol' time. It ruled! This guy Mike, proposed to me because I know the fight scene in the Subway from "The Matrix." It was so funny! Things are so good right now! I know I shouldn't say that, because they'll get all shitty again if I do. I haven't cut anything in a week and a half and I havan't cried in that long either.

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