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Monday, Nov. 08, 2004

(See full entry after the song)For James:

Waste by Staind
You mother came up to me
She wanted answers only she should know
Only she should know

It wasn't easy to deal
With the tears that rolled down her face
I had no answers 'cause
I didn't even know you

But these words
They can't repace
The life you...
...the life you waste

How could you paint this picture?
With life as bad as it should seem
That there were no more options for you
I can't explain how I feel
I've been there many times before
I've tasted the cold steel of my life crashing down before me

But these words
They can't repace
The life you...
...the life you waste

Did Daddy not love you?
Or did he love you just too much?
Did he control you?
Did he live through you at your cost?
Did he leave no questions for you to answer on your own?

For not having
The strenght in your heart
To pull through!
I've had doubts!
I have failed!
I've fucked up!
I've had plans!
Doesn't mean
I should take
My Life
With my own hands

But these words
They can't repace
The life you...
...the life you waste

But these words
The don't replace
The life you...

Ah yes, gotta love Staind! It's funny because I'm not upset at all. But on Thursday (I think) James and I were talking about song lyrics and this one came up and I figured I'd post it.
Happy Monday. Apparently it was drunk weekend in Alamosa! I missed out on taking picture of all my friends drunk off their asses! I could have had blackmail photos! Damn! ;-) Went to see "The Incredibles" last night. It was very cute. Better than I expected, but not as good as it could have been.
Nothing fun until tomorrow, I'm going with Sara to get her tattoo! So stoked. I get my tattoo a week!! Then Wednesday Sara, Stuby and I and whoever else wants to come along are going to Weekends for Beer Bust. Designated driver anybody? Yup, that's me! Anyhow, back to work!

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