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Hearing: doesn't matter
Wearing: doesn't matter
Feeling like: doesn't matter

Monday, Nov. 01, 2004

Here it is kids, a news brief for those of you who don't know already. I want to die. Don't worry I won't kill myself (I don't think) I don't have the balls. All I want right now is to stop feeling altogether. Everything and just shrivel up and die. I'm sick of people lying to me and making me believe things that aren't true.
All I want is to go home. I want to drop out of school, pack up my shit and go home. I could go back to my old job at the store and not have to deal with all this shit anymore. I feel sick and diseased. I feel dirty and used and I never want to speak to anyone ever again becuase they're just going to hurt me. I hate this life. I know you all think I'm being over dramatic, but that's fine, think what you want. But while you're all out fucking around (or litterally fucking), I'm at home slicing lines into my leg because I don't know how else to deal with pain. I'm so shook up right now that I've broken out in hives. This is it. I'm done

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