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Tuesday, Oct. 12, 2004

Last night W had a girl over to finish the Star Wars trilogy. The girl is so bad at the "I'm a dumb blonde" act. Honestly! According to N she said at one point "So like, the guy in the black, he's like the bad guy right?" we responded! Oh did we respond!! He's Darth Vader!! It's like American history! How can you not know that?!?!? ARGH!!! Then, we were like "Look at me! I'm big and dumb!" I mean really! We made fun of her all night! St wanted to ask him if he hadn't fucked her yet and that's why she was still around. (Yeah, I know!) I know it's bad, but sitting around mocking that was the best part of my day!
Anyhow, we're going to be pirate wenches for Halloween! I can't wait, we're going costume shopping after work tonight! Oh man, it's gonna rule! It's going to be better than spam!
Ugh! I ate too much candy at work tonight! I'm on a huge sugar high and I really need some real food. Soon, soon. Until next time.

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