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Tuesday, Aug. 24, 2004

Yeah, so it's been forever but things have been going really well!! On Friday I had the greatest day ever. I had a killer, killer audition, then I got all my financial aid crap figured out, annnnnnnnnnnd I got a job, that's where I am now. This is great! Hahahahahaha!

So Will is all moved into the Batcave, and that is awesome. I love it. Things are just a little crazy. But anyhow, things with him are interesting. The other day he tried to define us as "friends with benefits" but I hate that so we're having an affair. And he brought her to lunch the other day. They're not together anymore, and he says they can't "just be friends" which sucks but any how, I've got to gossip with Nev and Bobbi.

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