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Hearing: "Get it back" Hoobastank
Wearing: "Maneater" by the lady who wrote "stepmom"
Feeling like: 'Cause loyalty is something that you lack

Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2004

Do I really want to keep thinking about this? No, but do I? Yes. It's ridiculous. There's just so many things that I don't understand. Mostly I just want to know how things would change if we were a couple. I mean, we already act like it, so what's the difference going to be. I'm supposed to be at his house tomorrow and part of me is dreading it more than you know. And part of me can't wait to be with him again. I've got a meeting tonight and bread in the oven.

And once again, I can't help but think What did I do wrong? What's wrong with me?

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