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Monday, Aug. 09, 2004

Do I really want to account everything that has happened in the last five days? No, so here's the basic rundown.Picked Will and his family up at DIA on Wednesday and took them home, weather was horrible, so I ended up staying the night. Then they had some family issues and I ended up taking him to Alamosa and helping him move. We crashed at the Batcave because I partook in some adult beverages and Will had no where else to go. We ended up making out on the couch and went a little further than that, then he just sits up. Doesn't say anything, just sits up, won't even look at me. So after about five minutes I got up and went to the other couch to go to sleep. So he comes over and is all "I'm sorry! I feel like everytime we do this I hurt you." Blah blah blah, then he starts in with the "You're so amazing" bull-shit and I'm sitting in a puddle of tears. So I finally get the courage to tell him that if he wasn't ready for anything he wouldn't have kissed me that night in Utah. That shut him up and I was able to go to sleep, only after crying for a good forty-five minutes and puking up everything I'd consumed in the pervious five hours. I fell asleep around six and woke up to Nieve's grumpy old neighbor bitching her out, ass-hole. Took Will back to Springs and he told me almost verbatim what Nathan said to me around this time last year "I'm a person who's ruled by logic, if I followed my heart we'd be together, but I just know it's not logical." Where do I find these guys? I mean really. I've had enough.

I'm done.

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